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After the plating.

The candy is candy coated with Thailand since ancient times already. A pastry blender to make it a realistic color with additions. Realistic model with spin up. After the plating is. A delicious sweet dessert that is popular today. And today it is popular to eat. After the same treatment. Thailand is so sweet. This is a really popular and we have a way to make the candy coating you would suggest I try to eat a dessert at home. Ingredients and how to do the following.


Green beans
Granulated sugar
Coconut milk
Agar powder.
Food coloring (color of your choice. How many colors can be used).
Palette and brush (used for decorative color).
Toothpick (used to plug the wets).

1. Prepared the green beans. Cleaned by peeling away the layers. Then leave it to soak for about 2 hours to clean the green beans are soft.
2. Then steamed green beans, soak the beans are cooked when ripe. Then, the blended thoroughly with the sugar mixture into the blender and mix well. Followed by the coconut milk. Then blend all ingredients are well again.
3. Beans from the water and then blended into the pan and heat it. Stir to mix everything together until it became sticky, then turn off the heat and leave to cool a room (be careful not to dry beans are marketed not just spinning you will not).
4. Then manipulated. As many as you want (but before the spin. Massage the mixture all together again, it would be nice) on a different spin. As you want it to be inserted toothpick. Spin the beans are done. Should be wrapped in a white cloth (a cloth moistened with water. Do not let it dry beans) to wait for decoration.
5. Then you prepare the food coloring additives to decorate the way you want it.
6. Furnished it. It is the process of making jelly, bring water, sugar and agar powder is poured into the pot together. Bring to boil, then the medium to combine everything evenly. Doing so will result in air bubbles rise to the management of gelatin powder scoop out. Dim the lights and light the deal.
7. Then the beans are blended and fully furnished. Gelatin powder in a pot and bring to plating (plating should be about 2-3 times) then just finished decorating it beautifully. The dish is served with dessert.
Quote from the article: www.ezythaicooking.com.

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